Why Quartz Is Used In Ostwald Process

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The Ostwald process is chemical process for producing nitric acid, which was developed by Wilhelm Ostwald (patented 1902). It is a mainstay of the modern chemical industry . Historically and practically it is closely associated with the Haber process , which provides the requisite raw material, ammonia .

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Ostwald process | Britannica.com – Other articles where Ostwald process is discussed: nitric acid:.developed by the german chemist wilhelm Ostwald in 1901, ammonia gas is successively oxidized to nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide by air or oxygen in the presence of a platinum gauze catalyst. The nitrogen dioxide is absorbed in water to form nitric acid.

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Ammonia is used in the Ostwald process. (a) Give the source of reactants used in the process. (b) Name the catalyst used in the process. (c) Name the oxidising agent used in this process. (d) What is the ratio of ammonia and air taken in this process? (e) Why is quartz used in the process?

The Ostwald process use platinum as a catalyst to oxidize ammonia to nitrogen monoxide, then the nitrogen monoxide is oxidized in air and dissolved in water to make nitric acid and nitrogen monoxide. The nitrogen monoxide is recycled and reused back.

Why does the colour of pure nitric acid differ from the colour of nitric acid obtained in the laboratory Sure nitric acid is colourless while the nitric acid obtained in the lab is slightly yellowish-brown due to decomposition of the acid, which is negligible out for dinner temperatures but substantial at high-temperature is.

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Selina solutions for Class 10 Chemistry chapter 9 – Study of. – Ammonia is used in the Ostwald process, Why is quartz used in this process? VIEW SOLUTION. Write the equation for the action of heat on ammonium chloride. state whether tha reaction is an example of thermal decomposition or thermal dissociation.