When Do You Seal Granite Countertops

How To Measure For Granite Countertop Installation  · How to Prepare for Installing and Replacing Countertops. April 3, 2019. Replacing Countertops? 5 tips for preparing yourself, and your kitchen, for that special day when we’ll come to install new countertops in your home:

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Once your granite countertops are sealed, they will be easier to clean and you won’t need to use as many chemicals to clean them. Plus, you’ll have a more hygienic surface. Granite is porous and can harbor bacteria; sealing helps cut down on the cracks and crevices where bacteria can live.

The Water Test: Know If You Need To Seal Your Granite. – Now use this chart to determine how often (if at all!) you need to seal your granite countertop: Immediate absorption: Apply a couple layers of sealer annually and wipe spills quickly. 4-5 minutes: multiple layers of sealer needed, but only redo every 3-5 years.

Use the same method for machine-polishing with the diamond-grit pads as you do when using a polishing stone. Coat your granite countertops with a sealer every year to add a layer of protection.

Whatever you do, don’t seal your granite countertops if they don’t need it "just for extra protection," as this can create a cloudy sealing residue on your granite that’s difficult to remove.

Do you do a lot of cooking? Are you worried about stains or scratches? “Sometimes people will say things like, I want to be able to put hot pans right on my countertop.’ Well, then those people,

When properly sealed with an impregnating product, the surface of your slate, granite or marble countertops will repel moisture and oil, virtually eliminating the risk of stains. However, it still makes sense to dry spills on the countertop and clean oil from them promptly.

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If you are looking for the right solution to seal your granite countertops, then the Rock Doctor Sealer is the best choice. This spray sealer can be used for granite, quartz, marble and other types of natural stone surfaces.

Natural Stone Institute Statement of Position On Sealing Natural Stone Countertops. Most granite countertops do not need to be sealed. Before 1995 there were very few quality penetrating sealers on the market and there were very few cases of staining.