Quartz Diorite

Inventus Identifies Sudbury Offset Dykes Above the Temagami Anomaly – The laura creek offset dyke is a 30+ metre wide inclusion-bearing quartz diorite offset dyke (IQD) that contains mineralized hydrothermal alteration. All offset dykes around Sudbury are composed of.

Quartz 8.2 By the images alone, the Quartz Canyon looks bigger than the NUCs we’re accustomed to, which makes sense, since it’ll reportedly feature support for one discrete graphics card.

The vein consists of highly sheared and fractured and hydrothermally altered quartz diorite and disseminated arsenopyrite with local broken quartz and very fine grained galena, pyrite and sphalerite.

Ten of the 15 drill holes intersected zones of quartz breccia with sulphide mineralization. Each of these zones confirmed the.

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Legend: DIO – Diorite host rock; QV – Quartz Vein ("A-2" Quartz Vein); MAGSV – Magnetite-Actinolite-Chlorite Sulphide ("Oxide-Sulphide") Vein. 1 Sample lengths represent apparent true widths, since.

Extensive gold and arsenic footprint points towards potential gold system at Ironbark Target, Pyramid Hill Gold Project – with a peak value of 1m at 1.1g/t Au (refer ASX Announcement on 8 July 2019 ) associated with quartz veining in a diorite.

Note that gold deposits occur in areas of low magnetic susceptibility (bluish shading) near magnetic diorite intrusions.

Note: All individual and interval assay results from the #32-62 Trenches are outlined in the appended Table 2. Legend: DIO – Diorite host rock; QV – Quartz Vein ("A-2" Quartz Vein); MAGSV -.

Geological mapping has previously identified a north-south trending discontinuous body of quartz diorite which is believed to represent a segmented radial Offset Dyke within a corridor of partially.

Pleistocene glacial till covers much of the low-lying areas of the shield. Quartz diorite to granodiorite plutons intrude the supracrustal strata and occupy the central and eastern part of the project.

63.00 63.50 0.50 0.40 Moderately sericitized diorite hosting a 1m massive sulfide & quartz vein with crustiform texture and 3/m millimetric FeOx veinlets. 105.70 106.30 0.60 3.00 55cm crustiform.

Near the little planned town of El Granada, on the San Mateo coast north of Half Moon Bay, a quarry produced construction stone from a large body of granitic rock, the Montara Quartz Diorite. This.

The resistive chargeable anomaly likely indicates coincident silicification and sulphidation of the diorite and conforms with both the soil anomalism and the mapped structure. Rock chip samples taken.

In sample JP009, 0.27% molybdenum is associated with a quartz boulder in float which also suggests a possible porphyry link. 0.27 g/t Au and 9.1 g/t Ag from boulder float located near the inferred.