Are Quartz Watches Good

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Some people (like me) prefer the option of having a quartz watch. I own both automatic and quartz watches but sometimes prefer the option of the quartz because they tend to be a bit thinner. For example, I had my eyes on a bond seamaster for years and when I finally got it I was so disappointed because it was just too thick for my preference.

Quartz Watch. From office professionals to hard-training athletes, everyone can find the ideal quartz watch at Macy’s. Quartz movement is defined by precise timekeeping, offering the accuracy watch wearers need to get through their days. Shop the latest watch trends from top brands including Timex, Fossil and more in-store or online.

Quartz nearly destroyed traditional watchmaking after all, and is the bastion of the cheap, plastic digital watch that took over the industry in the 1970s.

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Quartz. Above Photo Credit: jurvetson. Yes, automatic watches are cool.. a larger wallet, $400 will get you a lot of good looks with this one.

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Re: Are Tissot quartz watches good or do they suck? I have a Tissot PRC200 chronograph for about 5 years. It is a fantastic every day watch that has performed flawlessly, and still looks new even though it probably gets as much use as just about any watch in my collection as it is one of my few quartz watches.

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Reasons to Own an Inexpensive Quartz Watch | Bob's Watches. – Cheap quartz-operated wristwatches are highly practical and, given their ludicrously low price point, are something that everyone should own.

And in the realm of watches, the quest for ever more good vibrations is a fun reminder that despite the smartphones and quartz movement dominance, something as charmingly old-world as a set of gears.

The company was quite successful until the 1970s, when quartz watches came into vogue. The quartz movement caused many Swiss brands to completely go out of business. Invicta however survived in large part because its superior naval timepieces were in high demand.

ZTE’s Quartz smartwatch: A good idea hindered by its OS – Two of the watch’s most promising features are its ability to be. Martyn Williams With a face diameter of about 4.5cm (1.8in) and a length of about 27cm (10.6in) the ZTE Quartz is not a good fit.